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  • BodyKore Welcomes USH Fight Team’s Jose Palacios to the Crew

    Jose Palacios

    Jose Palacios Mixed Martial Arts and San Shou fighter, Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Jose came to the states at the age of 9. He began his martial arts journey at the age of 19 under world champions Cung Le and Rudi Ott. Within 6 months Jose won the USAWKF National Championships. Soon after he won the Chinese Martial Arts Gold Medal, and just soon after that became the U.S. Team Alternate team member at the welter weight division. Winning Nationals more than once, Jose decided to enter another form of Kickboxing, Muai Thai.
    In this sport he picked up where he left off earning more than one title in different organizations such as:

    USAWKF USA San Shou Team Member and Bronze Medalist
    USKBA World Champion
    USAWKF National San ShouChampion
    IKF West Coast Muay Thai Champion
    IKF USA San Shou Champion
    ISKA California K-1 rules Champion
    ISKA California Muay Thai Champion
    Art of War National San Shou Champion
    Art of War International San Shou Champion

    In 2005 he represented the United State at the most prestigious San Shou event anyone may ever compete in, the World Wushu Games. He faced off against Brazil, China, and France defeating all 3. During his battle against France, he suffered and injury on his left eye and could not continue. He earned the Bronze medal for the states and forever placed his name on the top San Shou competitors list.

    In 2006 he was the first member of the USH! Fight Team to enter the ring under the Mixed Martial Arts rules and came out victorious. He is now climbing his way up in the M.M.A. rankings and is ready and eager to take on the competition in years to come.
    He believes one should live and not survive, to take the best life can offer and teach others the lessons one has learned.
    Jose is deeply involved in the community, as one of the Board members in the Knock out dog fighting non-profit organization. The goal is to show the at Risk youth the power of dreams, or as Jose likes to call them “Visions”.
    The ultimate goal in life is to achieve balance and happiness, one must learn to live, not survive. Live, not survive, there is a difference.

    Check out some pictures below:

    You can also go to Jose's Myspace page to check out more pictures.

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