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  • BodyKore visits Gold’s Gym TapouT Training Center Grand Opening in San Diego

    The San Diego Sports Arena Gold's Gym, opened since 1965, is one of the first health clubs in the San Diego county. It's known as the "Mecca of Bodybuilding" having catered to celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. The infamous gym expanded it's huge 45,000 sq ft fitness club by adding a 6,000 sq ft TapouT training area into the facility. Today was the grand opening for the TapouT MMA Club and our friends over at Truesport Alliances (TapouT Gyms) were so kind to invite us down to join in with the festivities. The MMA Training area features a full octagon, three full heavy bag cages with over 20 Fairtex Banana Bags, 2000 sq ft grappling area and tons of sparring and training equipment.

    Virtual tour inside the grappling room:

    The lovely TapouT models gave us the grand tour around the facility:

    Pro MMA Fighters: Shawn Thompkins, Chris Horodecki, Dustin Phillips amongst others from the TapouT Las Vegas team came down to demonstrate some sparring for the viewers:

    Shawn Thompkins and Chris Horodecki sparring:

    This is the fourth of twenty TapouT licenced Gold's Gyms that are scheduled to be converted by TapouT Gyms this year. These are the new breed of health clubs that will be popping up around the world. Training is no longer just weights and cardio machines and the Gold's Gym franchise was wise enough to move with the trend.

    For more pictures and video of the facility, click on the links below:

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