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  • BodyKore teams up with Project Fist

    BodyKore welcomes our newest partner Project Fist to the site.  The purpose of Project Fist is to give Boxers, Kickboxers, Mixed Martial Arts fighters, Grapplers, and Martial Artists a tool to meet other fighters of various disciplines, whether it's for sparring, gym-hunting, or training for a fight.  We are excited for this collaboration because it'll allow us to work directly with a network of fighters that are constantly looking for new ways to help develop their skills and ways to put themselves on the next level.  Be sure to sign up on their site and join their forum: www.ProjectFist.com.

    Here's some additional info about Project Fist:

    Project Fist exists to provide a network for serious fighters, aspiring fighters, and beginners interested in effective self-defense techniques alike, all across America.  We view the fighting fitness of individuals as an essential, priceless National resource.  From connecting beginners to safe and competent training environments, to helping talented coaches find appropriate venues to display and earn a living from their craft, to connecting up and coming fighters with sparring partners, and licensed, competent trainers and honest management, Project Fist is here to serve motivated and sincere individuals in multiple aspects of the fighting sports.

    It is our honor and privilege to recognize superb fight and self-defense training methods.  We strive to assist dedicated, under-resourced fighters with the quality training they deserve.  We particularly go to any length help military who move and deploy often, and have a difficult time maintaining connection to a skilled fight community.  Connecting military, veterans, law enforcement, fighters of all ability levels, and average americans interested in self-defense with a larger community to maximize their fighting ability and potential, is one of our goals.  For fighters looking to compete, we will go to great lengths to recommend qualified fight professionals such as accomplished, licensed, experienced Cutmen and Trainers within Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Wrestling.  Project Fist strives to increase the networking opportunities for all honorable, skilled fighters, aspiring fighters, and fight professionals, regardless of status or current access to resources, financial or otherwise.  We are here to help skilled fighters of all ability levels and backgrounds safely develop their various fighting crafts to the furthest limits possible.  It is our dream to increase the interconnectedness of the fighting community and its resources, even in rural areas, so that a person of any ability level (particularly military and veterans) anywhere in America, can have greater access to fight resources through one convenient, consolidated venue to encounter sparring partners, training gyms, and honest promoters and fight professionals, in any corner of the U.S.A., at any time.  This goal will take time and dedication, but Project Fist is here to work.

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