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    Welcome to the new BodyKore! Since 2005 BodyKore has been a major distributor for a number of fitness brands around the world. In 2016 BodyKore went through an ownership restructuring and focused our goals on innovation and community. Our new line of innovative fitness products focuses on functionality, mobility, recovery and athletic performance. BodyKore takes pride in its growing community! As fitness innovators we prioritize our users and want to connect with them as much as possible. You are formally invited to be part of Bodykore’s online network! Being part of our online community means getting FREE information on the latest trends in health and fitness! This also means receiving our monthly newsletters, updating you an all of our latest innovative products, to help you reach your health and fitness goals. By being a part of this exclusive, health conscious community, you’ll have access to Bodykore products at a DISCOUNTED price. Promotions also include contests, give-aways, and various prize opportunities. Bodykore also wants to invite you to our Social Network, where you can get more instant information on our health and fitness solutions. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can see daily posts on our latest products and workout tips! Find us @Bodykore on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube! As part of our relaunch, we are having a special introductory sale: 20% off our entire website! We are also offering FREE SHIPPING throughout the whole USA! Offers ends 10/28/2017 Use Coupon Code- BODYKORE20 Free Shipping Code- FREESHIPPING2017

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