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  • BodyKore Presents: Rotational Clubs

    The art of Indian Club swinging has been practiced for thousands of years.  Dating back since Ancient India, the Indians practiced club swinging to provide a fuller shoulder range of motion, better hand eye coordination and fluidity in their movements.  Thousands of years later, Rotational Clubs has developed a new design of clubs for a more fluid rotational movement as well as a beautiful aesthetic look to fit in even your living room.

    Rotational clubs now offer 2 different styles of Indian Clubs.  A lighter 1lb Club made of Alder wood, and a 2lb Club made of Oak.  The clubs were machine turned for accuracy in size/shape and stained with a beautiful light brown tint after.  They then finished them with multiple layers of high grade acrylic finish.  Both clubs are the same size but the weight differs because of the density of the wood.  The clubs measure 19" in length, with a 6" handle made to fit the average hand.  The diameter of the club is 9 1/2" around the base and 3 1/4" around the handle for a comfortable grip.  The clubs are a unique one of a kind design.  The length of the clubs give it a nice rotational movement when being swung and the thick base allows a very fluid beautiful rotation.

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