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    BodyKore is proud to carry another superior product to our web store.  With the ever growing popularity of training on the mat, staph and other infections are prone to be present.  Defense Soap is one of the best products on the market to help keep you fresh and bacteria free!

    Why Defense Soap is superior to any other soap.

    It's All In The Lather...

    It's lather that delivers the essential oils to the outer skin and deep inside the pores. Defense Soap is a triumph in the ability to make superior lather. We use only the highest qualityingredients in a quality-controlled formula that delivers optimum PH levels. No dyes, no perfumes no cosmetic additives are ever used. That’s the surest way to deteriorate the lather making capabilities of soap. Here’s why Defense Soap lather is superior to any other.

    It makes quicker lather
    It makes thicker lather
    It makes more oxygenated lather
    It makes deeper penetrating lather

    Superior Rinseability

    Another important but overlooked feature of soap is the rinse factor. Defense Soap rinses off your body readily and quickly so it’s unlikely any residual soap will remain on your skin. That’s extremely important especially when using soap containing essential oils. Our quality ingredients and ideal PH is what makes your skin feel fresh and clean.

    For more information on Defense Soap and the products please view here.

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