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  • BodyKore Official Dealers of Athletic Training Innovations (ATI)

    BodyKore is proud to become official dealers of Athletic Training Innovations (ATI) We are always looking to carry top of the line products for our customers which is why we have teamed up with ATI to offer some of the best agility training products out in the market place today.  Atheltic Training Innovation designs, manufactures, and distributes athletic training products.   ATI products are currently used by many top athletes ranging from football players, MMA fighters etc.    ATI products range from weighted shorts and vests to plyometric construction products targeting the calves, resulting in increased jumping and explosiveness.   Based on the most up-to-date scientific research, they are one of the leading edge of the most dynamic technology for today's athletes.  Their advanced products were created with the athlete's needs in mind and are state-of-the-art in plyometric, resistance, and speed training.   If you are looking to elevate your speed and agility we urge you to check out our store on the new product line of Athletic Training Innovations.

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