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    BodyKore: Complete MMA and Boxing Gym Equipment Solutions

    Thanks to my work as a National Trained and Cutman Association trained Jr. Cutman, and California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization Licensed Inspector, I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit some phenomenal gyms all over Southern CA.   But while working out with Entrepreneur Joon Um, Owner of the distinctive, recently established KTown Boxing Club (242 Western Avenue L.A. 90004) this past Saturday February 12th 2011, I met one of the men who worked to set upKTown.  Leo Chang and his business partners atBodyKore performed a phenomenal job providing and installing the equipment inside KTown for Joon.  The diversity of heavy bags, solidly built elevated (up to USA Boxing Regulations- I checked) ring, nice, durable rubber matting continuously covering the entire floor, and unique suspension training systems, are all impressive.

    BodyKore offers a wide range of Fight Gym specific products.  You can bank that there is not another company offering a competitive quality of products for the same price.  And even if you could match one of their bids on paper, the BodyKore level of service and competence knows no true competition.  From KTown, to the UFC gym in Rosemead, All In MMA in Irvine (Eddie Cha is high on my recommendation list of MMA coaches), Black House Nogueira Gym (San Diego), Gym Box L.A., BodyKore has fitted some of the most accomplished and distinguished fight (and fitness) gyms in Southern California, and done an amazing job. Fittingly, Leo from BodyKore and I met working out: the man is a beast!  Leo, Joon, and Joon's in-house fighters and coaches do some incredibly complex exercises involving burnouts, suspension bands, weights, heavy bag work, and jump rope: the works.  Though in pretty good shape, I must confess by the end I was definitely fighting muscle fatigue and just trying to breathe.  I felt real strong when I woke up today though, as a result!  Part of the reason Leo and Kirby, and their other partners at BodyKore do such a great job of setting up fight gyms, is that as accomplished fitness aficionados themselves, they are well-schooled on what it takes to handle a serious workout to build meaningful strength and cardio gains, from personal experience.

    Another of the many reasons I respect BodyKore, has to do with the sponsorship and affiliation choices they make.  In particular, their Special Guest Invitation to the 2011Arnold Sports Festival, really drives this point home.  People who are serious about weight lifting and making and maintaining meaningful, lasting strength gains, necessarily bear a special reverence for Arnold (yes, Arnold may have been a "body builder," but do not let that throw you off, few if any weight lifters in his era could touch him for all around strength and fitness).  Jack Lalanne (rest his soul) is a hero, and an undisputed grandfather of modern fitness.  But Arnold Schwarzenneger literally wrote the first how-to book on weight lifting that still matters for the average healthy, young male lifting weights in the gym today: The Encyclopedia of Modern Body Building.

    BodyKore's invitation to Arnold's Games, proves that the company not only masters a basic and complete understanding of fitness from a strength-gaining perspective, but also that an authority who matters (Arnold) recognizes the company's accomplishments and expertise.  BodyKore's qualifications as a multi-discipline strength training equipment provider, AND a full-service equipment installer, are established and undisputable.

    Whether you are looking to open a new gym (be it a typical fitness, fight, or otherwise specifically focused gym), refit an existing gym of any dimension and membership size, or acquire smaller orders for workout equipment such as benches and squat racksConcept 2 workout machineskettle bells, the highest quality MMA Gear available on the market today (including gloves, striking targets and shields), Olympic standardized weights and complete Olympic weight systems and accessories, suspension systemsThe Anaconda and Python Striker (I offer 5 star recommendation on those as they are a great way to increase explosivity), yoga equipment, and much, much more, BodyKore has you covered.  Ask for Leo, and just tell him "Lou sent me."

    Do not just take my word for it, see what FightLaunch.com has to say about BodyKore.

    And when you find yourself in the area, stop into KTown Boxing Club and check out BodyKore's solid handiwork, firsthand.

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