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  • BodyKore Constructs Gym Scene for Fox Studios TV Sitcom Show “New Girl”

    BodyKore was enlisted by Fox Studios for the full gym construction of their hit sitcom "New Girl". The sitcom itself is on its third successful season and we had the opportunity to outfit a fitness training center for an upcoming episode airing on February 25th, 2014.

    Construction began Sunday morning and into the afternoon.  The scene itself was to build a full gym complete with crossfit cages / rigs, concept2 rowers, kettlebells, dumbbells, plyoboxes, weights etc.

    Filming began earlier this morning, and we were commissioned to remove the complete gym later in the afternoon.  Definitely a lot of work but we're glad we met some friends during the film production and were thankful for the opportunity!  If you are looking for a complete gym build whether it be in your garage or new personal fitness center look no further and allow us to outfit your dream gym!  Please feel free to view the gallery below of the complete gym build and definitely check out the scene in a near episode on Fox, Tuesday 9/8C.

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