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  • Black House MMA Gym / Training Session

    BodyKore makes frequent visits to Black House MMA Gym, but this time we were in for a real treat.  BodyKore was invited to another special training session to watch some of the Top fighters in UFC/MMA training during a normal routine daily work out.  The who's who of MMA was present at the private work out from UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida, UFC fighters Mark Munoz, Mario Miranda, Strikeforce fighter Shane del Rosario, BJ Penn's Trainer Kenny Johnson, and the rest of the Black House Training team just to name a few.

    The fighters started with a wresting session from Kenny Johnson and Mark Munoz.  The session was packed with special take down techniques, counter moves and shoots.

    Kenny Johnson with Shinzo Machida talking about wrestling techniques.

    UFC fighter Mark Munoz talking with Lyoto Machida about techniques.

    Lyoto Machida looking on at one of the Black House Trainers and Mark Munoz doing some rolling.

    After the wresting sessions, it was time for Team Black House members to lace up the gloves and gear up for some contact sparring.  There were many sparring rounds that took place with Anderson Silva sparring Lyoto Machida, Mark Munoz, Shane del Rosario and many other Black House fighters.  Please view the pictures below!

    UFC Middle Weight Champion Anderson Silva getting suited up for a few rounds of sparring with members of Black House.

    One of the intense rounds with Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida during a sparring session.

    Another sparring session but this time with Mark Munoz of Black House and Team Reign.

    A professional boxer from Black House working a few rounds with Anderson Silva.  Silva proved to be in great shape during all five rounds!   Silva's stand up game was also as impressive as his ground work and is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with at UFC 117.

    Strikeforce Heavyweight Shane del Rosario with Team Oyama Head Coach Colin Oyama.  Shane is fighting this month on July 23rd and is one of the newest stars in MMA.

    Please enjoy the rest of the photos.

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