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  • Black House Gym: Team Nogueira Gym San Diego

    BodyKore is the official sponsor of the infamous Black House Gym which boasts some of the top named fighters in the MMA industry ranging from Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Junior Dos Santos, Jose Aldo etc.  Black House decided to open a training gym for anyone that is interested in training with some of the best fighters.  BodyKore visited the new Blackhouse: Team Noguira Gym located in San Diego, CA.  The 10,000 sqft facility boasts a huge 28ft Octagon, full sized boxing ring, heavy bag rack, weight lifting area, cardio machines and 2,500 square feet of mat area.  This is the second Blackhouse location in the United States and the only one opened to the general public.  The Blackhouse Gym located in Los Angeles is opened exclusively to the Team Blackhouse members and special invitations.

    The Team Noguira Gym is owned and operated by the twin Noguira brothers Antonio “Rodrigo” Nogueira and Antonio “Rogerio” Nogueira.

    2,500 square feet of mat area - The largest in San Diego (2″ Pro Zebra MMA mats)

    28 foot professional octagon

    Full Sized Boxing Ring made by Monster Rings

    Heavy Bag Rack

    For those residences that are local to San Diego or simply want to check out the facility please view the other photos below or contact Team Nogueria San Diego.

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