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  • Battle at the Wat Event Coverage 09/19/09

    BodyKore / Muay Thai Lao “Battle at the Wat” 09/19/09 Event


    BodyKore was the main sponsor of the 1st Muay Thai Lao, Battle at the Wat event on September 19th, 2009.  The event drew over 1,000 spectators, with a few in attendance driving from as far as 9 hours away!   We arrived at the event early in the morning in preparation of a long and very eventful day.   People in attendance got to watch the fight and take in the other festivities that were going on.

    On display BodyKore had a few fitness products and giveaways.  The Mass full body resistance band suit was later used by one of the BodyKore models as well as a BodyKore fighter during the 15 minute intermission.   BodyKore models also threw out our promotional Tee-Shirts during the breaks as well as Trilogy Clothing Shirts to the crowd from the ring.   BodyKore models Elissa, Paizley, and Sue were also the ring girls at the event as well as presenting the awards to the fighters.

    The Muay Thai Lao event featured 15 bouts in which trophies were given to all participates that competed.  The winner of each bout took home a three foot trophy, while the other opponent received a one foot trophy.  The last three bouts of the event featured six fighters in three different weight and fight classes that would later fight for the IKC Championship belt.  During the morning, the event featured children amateur fighters of all ages, boys and girls.  The amateur adult fighters would fight later on during the day.  All of the fights were very exciting to watch with the crowd paying attention to every punch thrown, and knee to the body.  Each non title bout was three rounds for two minutes with the title bouts being two minutes and five rounds.  You could hear the chants of “knee,” “Oohs,” and “Ahs” being yelled out throughout the day.  Although many of the fights were exciting to watch, the adult female bouts probably got the crowd most into it.  Paramedics, doctors and police officers were also on hand to take in the event.

    Many muay thai fight camps were competing to see who would stand out on top of the competition.  For the most part each bout went to decision.  This was not surprising because all fighters fought with heart and were all very skilled in their fighting techniques.  One of the title bouts even ended in a draw!  Please stay tuned for the next Muay Thai Lao Kick Boxing Academy / BodyKore Event in the next coming months…

    BodyKore would like to thank the following;

    -Muay Thai Lao Kick Boxing Academy

    -Andy K Promotions

    -Wat Lao Saophut Buddhist Temple

    -BodyKore Models Elissa, Paizley and Sue

    -The Fighters, Fight Fans and family

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