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  • Ajarn Sangvone “Andy Kay” Khensamphaph

    andyBorn in Laos, Ajarn Andy has been training the art of Muay Lao and Muay Thai since the age of 8. After he turned 16, Andy decided to flee his homeland to escape the political turmoil that was occuring. Andy managed to get through to Thailand where he was captured and inslaved by Thai bandits for over 2 years. Managing to escape, Andy roamed through Thailand looking for an opportunity to migrate to the United States. 

    With his Muay Lao background and the ability to communicate fluently in Thai, Andy joined a Muay Thai camp where he trained and fought his way to becoming the Muay Thai Champion of Laddamnern Stadium, Thailand, 105 lbs. With the purses he won as champion, Andy was able to buy his way into a Laos refugee camp and immigrate to the United States. 

    Ajarn Andy currently owns and operates the Muay Thai Lao gym located in Sacramento, CA. He has over 40 years of training in the art of Muay Lao/Muay Thai and has trained a number of great fighters and turned them into champions.

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