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    We’ve partnered with award winning design firm Interature Ltd, to create some of the industry’s leading wellness facility designs.  Our designs maximize space efficiency and create a stylish and energetic environment to enhance the user experience.


    Our design packages are tailored to the fit client’s specific needs.  Our design and fitness specialists will consult with you to see what you’re looking for in your club and will explain our different options in design services.  The basic design package includes the floor plan layout and equipment proposal to the most intricate package that provides our clients with all the tools to run a successful health club business.

    Bronze Package: Our Bronze Package is our standard package without interior design.  Our fitness consultants will assist with all of the equipment selection and will propose a floor plan layout for the equipment where we see fit.  We will work with the building contractors on delivery and installation scheduling and make sure your club is ready to open with your schedule.  Additional services include equipment maintenance and equipment servicing.

    Silver Package: Our Silver Package includes our Bronze Package with our basic Interior Design service.  Our specialized interior design studio can assist you in equipment layout plans and to help you create a professional interior space.  A well thought out interior design plan can ensure smooth operation for the staffs and the customers, which in return increases productivity.

    Gold Package: Our Gold Package combines our Silver and Bronze Package with a full interior design packet.  Our design studio will work with you on a conceptual design and then help you create the club of your dreams.  The Gold Package includes the design development documents, complete construction drawing package, A/V and lighting design and interior finishes as well as detailed 3D renderings.


    Platinum Package: Our Premium Platinum Package can help provide you with all the tools you need to be the preeminent club in the industry.  Our marketing team will take professional photos, help create marketing and advertisements and work with you to create a well tuned website.  Our branding experts can provide interior graphics, logos, and slogans to create your own unique identity in the industry.  Our fitness professionals will search our vast network to help find you a dedicated and capable team that will grow your business to a fully sustainable one.   Any and all of these services can be added onto any of our standard packages.