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  • A look into Human Trainer’s Group Classes

    The fellas over at the Human Trainer headquarters sent us some pictures of their group classes.  Check out the details of the classes below:
    There are two styles of Group Training done at The Human Trainer Headquarters:
    1) 12-15 exercises with all the participants performing the same routine (some with varying degrees of difficulty for each exercise) and every exercise is a timed 30 second or 45 second interval with appropriate rest for the level of fitness of the group.
    2) 8-10 stations set-up and each participant is at a different station for a timed interval. Each user will perform all the stations x2 in the workout routine. Examples of these stations include:
    - foot cradle two knee tuck
    - olympic rings pullups
    - abdominal strap hanging knee raises
    - rotational pulley torso rows
    - foot cradle 1 leg suspended sprinter
    - foot cradle hamstring curls
    - main strap triceps overhead press
    - main strap bicep curls
    - main strap 1 leg squat and row
    - main strap forward lunge & chest fly

    Check out the gallery below:

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