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  • 3 Simple Rules of Lean Eating


    We are always looking for the easiest way or shortcut to our goals, especially when it comes to losing weight and proper dieting.  We all want the rock hard abs, or bulging biceps and nice curves but getting your physique to the way you want it takes time and dedication.  We have found three tips when it comes down to healthy eating towards a lean body and beyond.  Results may all vary.

    1. Embracing the word everyone hates to hear...FAT
    • Research shows us that diets that currently contain upwards of 50 percent of fat is essential for weight loss as those products also low in fat.  Don't go overboard with eating all fatty foods, there are foods with "good" fats such as avocados, olive oil, and nuts.  Try to consume about half a gram of fat for every pound of your body weight.

    2.   Get rid of Added Sugars

    • Americans eat an average of about twenty teaspoons of added sugar daily which equate to about 300 empty calories.  Eliminating "useless" sugars will help keep you lean.  Try avoiding soft drinks, candy and fruit drinks.  Instead drink more water or sports drinks, and fresh fruit.  Cutting products with added sugars will definitely help you benefit in staying lean and you are guaranteed to see results slowly.

    3.    Cooking your own meals / Staying in to eat

    • Using your own ingredients and knowing what you like to eat and seeing whats added can help you also stay lean.  Many restaurants like to add stuff like too much sugar, MSG, etc.  Preparing home cooked meals helps eliminate these additives and taking a trip to the grocery store you are more prone to buying more healthy foods.  This will also help eliminate the trips to fast food joints.  Try picking up a bag of nuts, or granola bars for light snacks and fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Start 2010 Leaner and Cleaner!

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