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  • Monthly Archives: July 2017

    BodyKore Relaunched

    Welcome to the new BodyKore! Since 2005 BodyKore has been a major distributor for a number of fitness brands around the world. In 2016 BodyKore went through an ownership restructuring and focused our goals on innovation and community. Our new line of innovative fitness products focuses on functionality, mobility, recovery and athletic performance. BodyKore takes…
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    Dynamic Trainer

    The Dynamic Trainer is the first innovative multi-functional rack that uses a Resistance Band Pulley System that is revolutionizing the fitness industry. The Resistance Band Pulley System works with the natural progressive force generated by the muscles; as the tension increases so does the resistance. As our muscles generate more force later in contraction so…
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    Linx Racks- Modular Functional Training Storage Rack

      Linx rack appeals to a wide range of performance possibilities in a safe and space efficient manner. Linx Rack was design for cross training, group fitness, and individual training. Linx Racks create an open environment perfect for class interaction. Its aesthetic appeal along and modern design create an inviting environment for its users. Linx…
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