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  • Monthly Archives: January 2013

    2013 LA Fit Expo Post Coverage

    The first fitness expo of the new year for 2013 was a huge success, attracting thousands of attendees during the past weekend.  Attendees got a chance to get samples of some of the newest nutritional products ranging from mineral water, protein, protein candy, fitness clothing and training equipment.  Fitness celebrities such as Tito Ortiz, Bas…
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    The LA Fit Expo – January 19th & 20th, 2013

    One of the largest Fittest Expo’s to hit the West Coast is back in full effect and ready to kick off the new 2013 year!  The trade show itself will be held at the Los Angeles Convention center from January 19th and 20th,2013.  Many industry fitness companies will present showcasing some of the newest machines…
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    Crossfit Equipment – Kettlebell Product Review

    Kettlebells are becoming a more and more popular type of training equipment. They're relatively inexpensive and can give you a full body strength and conditioning exercise. When done properly, Kettlebell training has proven to be more effective than a standard military regimen of pullups, sprints and long distance run. Kettlebell training is currently being incorporated into all types of training regiments especially amongst strength and conditioning coaches for athletes. You can improve your grip (grappling), explosiveness (striking), flexibility (both) and just overall cardiovascular training.

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    BodyKore welcomes Katrize Metcalf to the Team

    [caption id="attachment_2852" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Team BK's Katrize Metcalf"][/caption] BodyKore welcomes the beautiful Katrize Metcalf to the team.  Katrize is a fitness/bikini model and Muay Thai fighter. Katrize Morales currently resides in Sacramento and trains at the Muay Thai Lao gym. She is currently on track to fight on an amateur card in March, 2010. In…
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