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  • Monthly Archives: March 2012

    UFC Gym Torrance Official Grand Opening 3/31/12

                                        UFC Gym in Torrance, California is having its official Grand Opening.  Come join us and hundreds as we welcome people to attend this free event and meet UFC fighters as well as check out the 4th UFC…
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    IHRSA 2012 Los Angeles Fitness Expo Coverage

                              BodyKore was at the first IHRSA Trade show of the year that took place in Los Angeles.  The trade show itself was held at the Los Angeles Convention center from March 14- March 17th.  Many industry fitness companies were on hand showcasing…
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    IHRSA 2012 Tradeshow 3/14 – 3/17

                  The world's leading fitness manufacturers and suppliers continually identify the IHRSA Trade Show as the 'must exhibit' event of the year. At IHRSA30 in San Francisco this past March, they joined us at the Moscone Center to celebrate the innovation, technology and sheer entertainment that have become the fitness…
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    LIFT Lifetime Innovative Fitness Training- Covina, CA

    LIFT is a personal Training Studio that offers Personalized workouts for Personalized Goals. About Lift You won't find a treadmill at any LIFT Studio. At LIFT we believe that fitness should go back to the basics with raw organic workouts. Our clients workout with ropes, rings, tires, sleds, uppercut punching bags and more. Learn the…
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    Featured Video: Focus Mitt training in Octagon at BLACKHOUSE MMA

    FightHub TV's Marcos Villegas trains some boxing combinations with Blackhouse MMA's Eric Khodadian. The video is filmed in the octagon in Blackhouse MMA. Make sure you check out our Youtube channel for videos of training, instructional videos, interviews and MMA fights: www.youtube.com/bodykore And make sure you check out our website for the hottest new training…
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