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  • Monthly Archives: May 2011

    AAFL Adrenaline MMA Camo Event 5/21/11

    BodyKore is proud to be an event sponsor for the All-American Fight League (AAFL) to be held on 5/21/11.  The event is to be held at the Adrenaline Combat sports and fitness facility.   AAFL is scheduled to hold 13 bouts of exciting MMA fights for the attendees.  The event is set to attract fighters…
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    Tuff Skin Bag Cover Product Review

    BodyKore is proud to be the main distributor of one of the hottest items out there in the training realm.  Introducing the TUFFSKIN, the first patent pending heavy bag cover with human image on it for target training.  TUFFSKIN helps you develop accuracy, speed and hand eye coordination. TUFFSKIN is made of high quality 5mm Black Neoprene and durable pressed ink, the…
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    Mike Pollinger from The Compound – Fighter Profile

    We would like to thank our friends at The Compound, located in Huntington Beach California and Mike Pollinger.  Pollinger was part of an MMA fighting event that took place in El Monte, California at the Mayhem fight productions on 4/29/11.  Pollinger won the bout against Eddie Chavez.  For more information on the Compound please view…
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    3rd UFC Gym Corona Grand Opening 5/14/11

    BodyKore will be present at the 3rd official grand opening of the UFC Gym in Corona, California.  The festivities are set to happen on May 14th, 2011 and attract thousands of celebrity fighters and fans.  Please see the past coverage of the last UFC Gym grand opening in Rosemead that we covered.  This is definitely…
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