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  • Monthly Archives: January 2011

    Concept2 at the BlackHouse Gym

    Concept2 brought their Model E Rower and SkiErg to the Blackhouse Gym for the athletes to train with.  Check out some of the images below: UFC's Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva training with the Concept2 Model E Rower Strikeforce and WWE Heavyweight Bobby Lashley working the SkiErg
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    COMPLEX TRAINING by Coach Jim Massaro- Power Cleans, Fronts/Back Squats

    COMPLEX TRAINING by Coach Jim Massaro As a strength coach, I am always looking for effective training methods to increase my athletes' conditioning and athleticism. Breaking down the anatomy of sports, two main principles-speed and explosion-should be emphasized. Athletes, no matter what sport they are participating in, must have the ability to react to the…
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    Ktown Boxing Club- Design and Installation

    BodyKore was contracted to design and install the equipment at the Ktown Boxing Club.  The theme of the gym is an "Old School" East Coast styled boxing gym. We started the project in November and we're wrapping the finishing touches up this week.  The gym is scheduled to open on 01/12/10.  For more details, call…
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