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  • Monthly Archives: June 2010

    Crosscore War Machine Demonstration at BlackHouse MMA Gym

    CrossCore Master Trainer Brendan dropped by BlackHouse MMA Gym with the BodyKore crew to demonstrate to the trainers how to use the War Machine.  We had a chance to demonstrate some of the exercises with Anderson Silva's Muay Thai Coach.  Check out some of the exercises below (Note: the demonstrations are spoken in Portuguese): In…
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    Product Review – Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

    KORE strength and leg training is currently the next craze within the fitness domain.  Although products such as the medicine ball and suspension techniques are great exercises and offer killer work outs, we take a look at another hot product that we are proud to introduce to our ever growing line-up of KORE exercises training…
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    BodyKore Promo Video

    Here's a short video that shows what we do, the products that we carry and how we train.   Video was shot at Blackhouse MMA Gym by Producer Genghis Con.  Here's a list of the products used in the video: Olympic Weights Battle Ropes Python Strike Suit MASS Suit Grappling Dummy Gymnastic Rings War Machine…
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    Vincit Magazine: Interview with Cain Velasquez

    by Anthony Hardin Sr., June 17, 2010 It was not supposed to be this easy for Cain Velasquez. Just eight fights into his mixed martial arts career, six of them in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and he is poised to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship. Quite an impressive feat coming from a guy that does not…
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    Battle in the Ballroom 06/24/10- Event Recap

    The Battle in the Ballroom took place last night at the Irvine Marriott main ballroom in Irvine, CA.  The event was a hybrid boxing/MMA card with 6 full bouts of action.  There was a sold out crowd of over 1,500 fight fans there to catch the action. The main event saw Team Bodykore and NAIOP…
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