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  • 2010 Mr. Olympia Weekend Coverage / Results

    The 2010 Olympia Weekend that was held in Las Vegas on September 24th-25th was once again a huge success and seems to only attract more attendees and exhibitors each year.  BodyKore was at the event checking out the festivities while meeting and greeting new clients and vendors.   We also met with and mingled with the Olympians and Athletes on hand during the event.   The Olympia weekend itself and competition is a chance where professional fitness models and bodybuilders come to compete for one of the highest accolades in the sport of professional bodybuilding and figuring.   During the actual exposition we also got a chance to meet many more celebrity athletes ranging from UFC fighters; Chuck Liddell, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Jon Jones, Wanderlei Silva, Don Frye etc. to other Fitness celebrities such as Larry Scott (1st Mr. Olympia Winner), Frank Zane, Ronnie Coleman, Lou Ferrigno, the list goes on.  If you missed this years event you definitely do you want to miss next years!  Please enjoy the pictures from the event.  Congratulations to all competitors and winners and to the 2010 Mr. Olympia - Jay Cutler!

    Mr. Olympia Mascot with many lady admirers at one of the exhibitor booths.

    First Mr. Olympia Winner, Larry Scott shows us that he is still a force to be reckoned with!  The background photo on the right side was him back in 1965!

    Last years winner of the Figure Olympia - Nicole Wilkins-Lee.

    Hidetada Yamagishi showing off the biceps, Yamagishi is always a top contender at many IFBB events.

    Defending Mr. Olympia Winner and once again the man to beat in 2011, Jay Cutler signing autographs for the fans a day before the competition.

    IFBB Pro - Johnnie Jackson shows off his "World's Stronger BodyBuilder" belt.

    Fitness Model cover girl & competitor - Monique Ricardo

    Strongman competition which consisted of squats, bench presses etc.  as competitors competed for most weight and reps.

    Sumo-wrestling competition also took place during the weekend as well as a grappling tournament.

    A look at the crowds during the exposition.  There was easily tens of thousands of attendees and fans during the 2010 Olympia weekend.

    Men's Olympia Finals Results

    6) Ronny Rockel
    5) Dennis Wolf
    4) Dexter Jackson
    3) Branch Warren
    2) Phil Heath
    1) Jay Cutler

    Figure Olympia Results

    6) Alicia Harris
    5) Felicia Romero
    4) Krystal Richardson
    3) Heather Mae French
    2) Nicole Wilkins Lee
    1) Erin Stern

    Please enjoy the rest of the Olympia Weekend coverage photos!

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