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  • 10th Annual LA Triathlon – Event Coverage


    The 10th Annual LA Triathlon took place over the past weekend.  Over 3,000 athletes participated in the event.   Members of Team Bodykore participated in the competition as well and we were able to get live coverage throughout the race.  The event began in Venice Beach where contestants swam a course of .9 miles through the Pacific Ocean.  The waves were really high that day so a lot of contestants took several attempts just to pass the break waves.   After the swim course contestants cycled their way from Venice Beach to Downtown LA, a distance of 24 miles.  The contenstants finished off the race with a 6.2 mile run through Downtown LA, ending at LA Live.

    The winner of the men’s race, Spain’s Javier Gomez, finished the race in 1:50:17.  The winner of the women’s race, Sweden’s Lisa Norden, finished the race in 2:00:20.

    Our very own Team BodyKore Triathlete Danny Ear gives his details about his training:

    Training: To train properly for a triathlon, you need about 15-20 weeks to get your body ready for your event.  Each week focus on improving in each category.  You do not need to go "balls out" right from the beginning.  If you aren't ready, you may put too much strain on your muscle and injure yourself before you even begin. Set a calender up, training 4 days a week if possible. Example: Monday- Run 2 miles.  Tuesday- Bike 5 miles.  Wednesday- Swim 15 mins.   Thursday - Rest. Friday - Combine all 3. Saturday and Sunday - Rest.   As each week progresses, you will see your improvements in each category and you can build and challenge yourself from there. Remember to rest your body and not to over work it. A healthy diet is key as well. Oatmeal, fruits and energy bars are great sources of nutrients before training. After your work out, feel free to eat a high calorie meal to replenish your body from the depleted nutrients from the workout. I prefer a low calorie energy drink to give me the much needed extra boost. If you work out less than an hour, water is fine.  At night, make sure you get lots of rest. Your body needs time to heal and repair itself.  If possible, sleep 6-8 hours per night.  This will give you the energy needed for the next day's training.  With a couple of months training like this, you will be ready for your triathlon.

    Pictures of the event below:

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